About us

Mark Moores Jig Repairs deliver superior and innovative solutions for cars and commercial vehicle damage, from panel re-sprays to full re-sprays.

We are proud that we continue to live up to our good name in the local area and our expertise and passion plays a key role in delivering not only the best but also a cost effective solution for car body work and repair.

We undertake work on both light damaged vehicles and write-offs and we provide a full welding service for vehicles when required.

All work is carried out using only the best collision repair systems and accessories.

We also buy and sell vehicles and MOT failures and can supply car body parts both new and used.

With over 20 years experience in the trade Mark Moores comes highly recommended in Whitworth, Rossendale and the local surrounding area, offering a speedy solution and cost effective repair.

Jig Repairs

When a car is involved in a major accident we will put it onto our have to go onto our jig. We will check the panel work panel work and can straighten out the chassis so that it is aligned to manufacturer specifications.

Jigging a car requires specialist equipment used by professionals.

Repairs can take time and require careful consideration.

Pulling an accident damaged car can cause additonal damage to your vehicle if not done correctly.

Mark has years of experience dealing with all major repair work on a daily basis. Because of years of experience with heavily accident damaged cars, your vehicle is in good hands.

The jig is also the only way to ensure that all the critical alignment points are correct.



Top job sorting our van prior to sale. Fast turnaround to help us out. Top man



Excellent job no messing around picked job done perfect great value nice one mate highly recommended



Thanx mark for the repairs to the qashqui a great job well done and much appreciated


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We really do promise to get back to you - and be on hand to answer any of your questions.